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Orlistat is a pharmaceutical drug for the treatment of the obesity of the middle severity.

Generic Orlistat 120mg

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Generic Orlistat 60mg

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Orlistat: a safe treatment of obesity

The obesity has already epidemic proportions. According to the results of the analytical data of WHO, about 1,9 billion people all over the world suffer from the excessive body weight, and more than 600 million people have a middle or severe severity level.

If the obesity was considered a disease of the adults before, the situation has changed within the past 10-15 years. More and more children with the excessive body weight are diagnosed.

Diets and physical exercises not always help to effectively cope with the obesity, especially if a patient has any chronic diseases. Therefore, a pharmaceutical market is full of the pills for the weight loss. But most of them work on reducing the appetite. They act on the central nervous system and have many side effects.

Orlistat is distinguished among all these drugs. It has been developed in order to treat the obesity in adults and children. The mechanism of the action of the drug consists in reducing the fat absorption in the intestine. They are excreted from the body and are not accumulated in the tissues. It does not influence on the appetite and helps to reduce the excessive body weight softly.

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